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Concurrent Validity of Different Religiosity Scales Used in Researches of Marketing Ethics and A Proposal For A New Religiosity Scale

The aim of this study is to determine the concurrent validity of four religiosity scales that are frequently used in researches related to ethics and to propose a
new religiosity scale based on these four scales. A faceto- face survey has been conducted through convenience sampling at vocational schools and small businesses in Edremit Gulf of Balıkesir. This study is based on the findings of three different sampling applied between September and November 2010; the first sample was collected from 400 students, the second from 250 students
and the third from 300 sales personnel of small businesses. AMOS 18 and SPSS 16 softwares are used on data analysis. Correlations analysis is applied to determine the concurrent validity of the scales. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis is manipulated to develop a scale. Upon evaluating the findings of this study, four different religiosity scales are observed to be highly correlated. Consequently, these scales can be claimed to have a high concurrent validity. Having been carried out on three separate samples for three dimensional religiosity scale, the results of confirmatory factor analysis support the validity of this new scale.

Keywords: Ethics, Marketing, Religiosity, Scale Development, Validity.

Concurrent Validity of Different Religiosity Scales Used in Researches of

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