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A Qualitative Study on Perspectives of Retailers about RFID System in Turkey

Abstract: Technological innovations and developments force businesses to be much more aware about global developments. Because real competitive advantage is dependent on technologic differences of the business. For example, with the help of  IT(information technology) technology, new marketing and sales method can be used in every kinds of business sector such as database marketing, relationship marketing, viral marketing. Businesses which adapted themselves for new technologies, can have a great market share. So there is no suspicion about the need of technological innovations for businesses. Technology helps businesses to improve their functions and reduce their costs. In this point, RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) technology is one of technological innovations that businesses have just began to use it. Because RFID technology is still a new system for retail businesses and this technology isn’t known greatly by them. This study aimed to explain RFID implementations and benefits in retail sector. Also it was discussed how could RFID technology help retail businesses. The qualitative data was collected via in-depth interview method. Participants were selected via purposive sampling method and 4 retailers joined to our study from Istanbul in Turkey. We conclude the results of in-depth interview with literature. It is thought that this study can help businesses to know and understand RFID technology for their business.

A Qualitative Study on Perspectives of Retailers about RFID System in Turkey-

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